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Weddings are one of the most celebrated events by different people! Attending weddings can be stressful, from planning to having guests and bidding goodbyes. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you get the best one of your dresses, jewelry, and gifts ready.

The Covid pandemic put restrictions on outdoor events, which significantly affects the number of people attending weddings. The dressing styles, including wedding hair, are also affected by these restrictions. However, people are still hopeful for a different future in terms of wedding activities.

Wedding hair depends on the type of veils to be used in the future by brides. By 2022, people would have adopted the new wedding hair designs and let go of the traditional veil designs. Some of the expected veil designs include the following:

  • Blusher veils
  • Drop veils
  • Chapel length veils


Ponytail is a wedding hairstyle that would be effective for brides who enjoy having puffy hairstyles. This is where the bride holds up hair in a puff using hair strings or bands.

Flowie Hair

Brides can also leave hair flowing on the shoulders while wearing blusher veils. This wedding hair is effective for individuals who do not like stressing with hairstyling. Walking down the aisle in this hair design can be beautiful since it gives you a chance to show off your hair’s entire length. Relaxed hair would work well with this kind of style.

Soft Waves

You will love this hairstyle if you like relaxed hair! It works for both leaving your hair flow on the shoulders or holding it up. Soft waves go well with people who enjoy having casual comfort.


Choosing a wedding hair or veil should depend on what you like and your wedding dress. Wedding dresses have different designs; it would be best to ensure that your veil design matches the dress.