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The veil plays an important part in the wedding as the primary hair accessor and the primary actor in the unveiling of your bridal look. However, there are more varieties than you might imagine and picking from them can be tough, indeed. Here are some of the prettiest styles worth considering.


The blusher

One of the most popular and traditional styles, it involves one layer at the back of any length and a second layer that’s shorter that goes over the face. It’s the kind most associated with that “lifting the veil” moment.



The blusher is a two-tier veil, while a single tier veil does have that extra layer over the face, but still has the silhouette enhancement and added loveliness of the back layer. Typically worn behind the shoulders entirely.



A short and modern looking veil that covers the eyes and usually stops somewhere between the nose or just before the jawline, this net or lace veil has a somewhat playful look to it.


Chapel length

While single tier veils can be any length, chapel veils tend to get categorised on their own. These drape all the way to the floor and fan out for a classy and traditional look.


Drop veil

Another single-tier veil, this style is slightly new and doesn’t gather around a comb, but rather falls around the head in a natural-looking sheer curtain. Unlike other single-tier veils, this is designed to be worn over the face.


Remember, it’s a good idea to pick a veil in conjunction with your whole look. Try the ensemble together and it can become easier to pick the right fit.