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If you’re looking for a little inspiration on what kind of engagement rings to buy, then looking at the trends can always help. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at what’s currently hot and why.


Personal touches

A little bespoke addition or two to a ring is becoming increasingly popular amongst engagement rings. This can include unique cuts or alternative gem settings, not to mention inscriptions on not just the inside but the outside.


Ethical diamonds

A lot of people have started buying more sustainable diamonds. These lab-made diamonds have defied any attempts to label them as “not real,” often as bright and high-quality as the traditional type.


Getting colourful

Gemstones in engagement rings are becoming more colourful, regardless of the band, with rubies, sapphires and emeralds each sharing their time in the spotlight as of late.


Back to solitaire

While unique and rare designs are becoming more popular, many are also looking at a style that might have seemed a little old-fashioned half a decade ago. Solitaire diamonds with round and oval shapes fell out of favour for a while but they’re back.


Band-style rings

Rather than having gems set as a centrepiece, a lot of people are going for band rings. This can also help pair the simpler engagement rings with wedding rings a little more elaborate or built around that central setting.


The trends can help you pick a ring that you love but do remember that it’s a ring you may be wearing for the rest of your life. The personal tastes of the person wearing the ring trumps trendiness.