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The number of people eating vegan food is going up every year. People are trying to cut out meat and dairy products for all sorts of reasons, including animal welfare, the environment and their own health. 

Therefore, couples are increasingly having to offer vegan wedding breakfast options. Sometimes, it’s easier to make the whole affair plant-based, but what exactly can you serve? 

Here are some vegan wedding breakfast ideas: 

Tofu Steaks With Coriander Cream

If real steaks are off the menu, you could try serving tofu steaks with coriander cream. While these taste a little different from classic rump steak with bearnaise sauce, they are refreshing, particularly on a hot day. What’s more, guests won’t feel cramped or bloated afterwards. 

Pearl Barley Risotto With Field Mushrooms

Rice risottos are okay, but if you really want to add to the health benefits of your wedding breakfast, you might want to try pearl barley risotto with mushrooms instead. It has a chewier texture than regular arborio rice, but it also helps keep guests fuller for longer. 

Cauliflower Shawarma

Caterers should find making cauliflower shawarma easy. Just prepare some rice, roast cauliflower and chickpeas in Indian spices, and then prepare a coriander and parsley tahini dressing. The combination of flavours, plus toppings like cucumber, chilli and radish, is delicious. 

Vegan Moussaka

Moussaka is usually made using ground lamb mince and cream. However, if you’re holding a vegan ceremony, you can use lentils and cashews instead. The dish will still taste quintessentially Greek, but the texture will be slightly different.