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The weather is changing and it’s finally time to go outside with a cocktail and enjoy ourselves. Here are some of our favourite spring cocktail ideas:

Pink Lady Cocktail

Even though we’re past Valentine’s day, the pink lady cocktail is still in vogue. To make it, you’ll need some London Dry gin, ice, grenadine, an egg, two strips of lemon zest and two maraschino cherries as optional garnish. 

White Rabbit

With springtime on the way, rabbits are top of mind. White rabbit is a cocktail of gin, amaretto, double cream, lemon curd, vanilla paste and ice, served with a garnish of edible flowers. 

Elderflower And Herb Cooler

If you’re someone who loves herbs in the springtime, then this little number has you covered. To make it, you’ll need elderflower liqueur, gin, elderflower cordial, thyme and rosemary leaves, edible flowers, ice and sparkling water. It’s the quintessential springtime spritz.

Rhubarb Gin

Rhubarb emerges during the spring, making it one of the first crops of the year. To make rhubarb gin, all you need is some rhubarb, gin and caster sugar. The drink requires a little time to make because you have to brew it – usually 24 hours – so most people make it in a batch. 

Cadbury’s Mini Egg Martini

Lastly, no spring cocktail idea list would be complete without a reference to Easter. And how could you be more seasonal than with a mini egg martini?

For this one, you’ll need Cadbury’s mini eggs for this drink, along with Baileys Irish Cream, vodka, honey, and creme de cacao.