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If you’re like most people, your wedding day is a day that will be talked about for years to come. It’s the one time in your life when no one can tell you how to act or what to do. So why not have a little fun and be yourself? This guide will go over several ways how you can have a fantastic time on your big day without losing who you are!

The first thing always suggested to do is to set boundaries with family members. No matter how much they mean well by telling you what should happen at your wedding, you shouldn’t let them take charge of your special day, unless you’ve delegated certain roles and responsibilities to them. 

They say “be true to yourself”, but what does that mean when it comes to your wedding day? When you’re surrounded by family and other loved ones, the last thing you want is for them to see a version of yourself that isn’t authentic. Your wedding day should be all about you and what makes you, well…you! Additionally, you might find that spending time with everyone at your wedding can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. Make yourself the centre of attention, and let people come to you. This way, you’ll be doing what you want to, and others can work around your needs and wants.

Proper planning before your wedding day helps you relax and enjoy the day, knowing your responsibilities are in order, and all arrangements have been made. Always remember that your wedding will not necessarily run 100% according to plan. The advantage you have is that no one else attending your wedding knows what it should look like and how it should run. By being flexible, you’ll avoid the stress of changes on the day, disrupting the fun you should be having on your special day.