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Autumn is a fantastic time to get married due to the atmospheric skies and beautiful red, brown and gold leaves that are so predominant on the trees, but it seems like all of the advice online is about planning spring and summer weddings! We’re going to change that by talking about some of the best Autumn wedding trends you need to know about…


Rustic venues

One of the biggest Autumn wedding trends right now is for rustic venues. From ancient barns to slightly harsh industrial spaces, anywhere that is understated and harshly beautiful is in, which is not really surprising because, often, these kinds of spaces lion even more amazing when they’re filled with flowers and fairy lights than your typical opulent country houses and halls.


Pastel bouquets

Although it can be tempting when planning an Autumn wedding to go for stereotypically autumnal colours like red, orange and brown, the current trend is actually for pastel colours or neutrals like white and cream, but making surrey they are seasonal, so things like peonies, dahlias, anemones, and maybe even harvest fruits like apples and berries if you want to do something more unique, are the order of the day.



Autumn is a traditionally cosy time, so it makes sense that decorating venues with as many candles as the palace can handle is a top trend for Autumn weddings in 2021. Place in fish bowls, hurricane lamps or lanterns for an intimate, sophisticated, and completely cosy wedding reception that you’ll all love.


If your wedding is booked for Autumn, embrace the season as best you can!