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Choosing the right wedding colour palette for you isn’t a straightforward process. It is about more than simply choosing your favourite colours and working them together to create a cohesive wedding palette. There are other factors to consider when looking at the right wedding colour palette for your wedding.


Your location can dictate the colours you use and the specific hues of those colours. For example, a wedding in a medical church will demand a specific colour palette that compliments both the bride and groom’s tastes and the internal decor of the building. At the same time, a beach wedding will need colours that work with the landscape and location of the beach.

What Is Most Important To You

Choose the one feature or colour you have to have at your wedding, then work around this. So if your flowers are pink peonies and will be heavily featured, your wedding colour palette needs to work around this.

Seasons Change

Spring and summer lend themselves to more whimsical, lighter tones that allude to the brightness of these seasons, while the colder, darker months can lean towards darker colours. This isn’t a hard and fast rule; however, the time of the year you get married should be an influence when considering your wedding colour palette.

Wedding Theme

Lastly, consider your whole wedding theme together when coming up with the perfect wedding colour palette for your big day. What look and feel are you going for, and what colours work well within this theme? This will give you a starting point for inspiration and help you create the right colours for your wedding to create a beautiful wedding colour palette.