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The first dance is an important one. It’s one you’re likely to remember for the rest of your life, not to mention featuring in all of your wedding videos. But how do you choose which song gets the honour of playing during that momentous dance?


Make sure you both love it

Emotion plays a big role in dance and, of course, you and your spouse are going to be emotional on your wedding day. However, the wrong choice of music can take one or both of you out of it, so try to make sure that you both like the song so you can really feel it together.


Make it sentimental

A song that has love or emotion at its core is an easy choice. There are few better occasions to get as soppy as you like.


Match the theme of the wedding

If you’re having a barn wedding, then a song with a little more rustic charm or simplicity in sound can help. Whereas a more emotionally complex ballad might fit a wedding in a sophisticated estate.


Choose songs with special meaning

If you and your spouse share a song, then it could be an easy choice. Otherwise, can you think of music that played during any special dates or makes you think or your partner or relationship?


Make a playlist and whittle it down

The tips above can help you hopefully find a few choices. Create a wedding playlist and both of you should listen to it. You should be able to identify a few favourites, as well as a few easy-to-eliminate choices that you can keep whittling down until the big day.


Your first dance song is going to be a song that carries a special weight for the rest of your life. Hopefully, the tips above help you pick something a little extra exceptional.