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Brighten up your wedding day with these coloured wedding dress ideas! It used to be that the only colour dress a bride could walk down the aisle in was white. Yet, things have most definitely changed in recent times. Indeed, not only are other more delicate colours such as ivory and blush now acceptable, but bright hues and multicoloured designs are now all the rage as well. A topic you can get some inspiration on, below. 



One of the most popular trends in coloured wedding dresses right now is pastels. It began with pink and blush dresses and moved onto gorgeous ethereal wisteria blue tulle numbers. However, many designers also include other pastels in their ranges, including pistachio and mint greens, peaches, and even lemon yellows! You can even get accessories and veils to match!


Rainbow and colorful designs 

Another great spin on the traditional wedding dress is to pick one that includes multi-colored or rainbow designs. Indeed, many ways of achieving this look include appliques, pom-poms, and coloured foils. Embroidery with delicate floral designs or bright Mexican-inspired flowers on a neutral dress color are also prevalent at the moment. 



Last, of all, you might want to try a dress that radiates a range of colours, depending on the way the light hits it? Of course, what we are talking about here is an iridescent dress- an effect most usually achieved with sequins. Indeed, many more modern and alternative brides are choosing dresses covered with giant shiny sequins as they add a little flair to their day in a more edgy way.