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Choosing your wedding dress is the single biggest fashion decision of your life. Coming in a close second will be selecting the perfect bridesmaid dress to compliment it. We’ve got a handful of tips to help you choose a dress that you and your bridesmaids will love:


Look at your wedding dress

Start by looking at what you’ve chosen for your wedding dress. From here, you need to choose some bridesmaid dresses that will compliment it and bring out all of its best features. It can sound greedy, but this day is all about you! Find colours that match yours perfectly and styles that flatter you in your dress. 


Think about the time of year

Naturally, the time of year that you’re holding your wedding will determine which bridesmaid dresses are the best. Pick ones that match the season, using colours that go well with the surrounding beauty of the time. Bright and smaller dresses are better for summer weddings than winter ones!


Look at your bridesmaids

Of course, you can’t choose your bridesmaid dresses without considering the bridesmaids themselves. Once you’ve assembled your bridal squad, look at each of them and think about the dresses they typically wear. You want to pick something out that compliments all of them and makes them feel good. This won’t mean you need identical bridesmaid dresses for everyone; sometimes, it’s better to pick a colour or theme and then let your bridesmaids select the dress style they like the most. 


Hopefully, these little tips will help you pick out the perfect bridesmaid dress for your wedding, meaning everyone looks and feels gorgeous on your special day.